About Us - Minimal Exposure

About Us

Minimal Exposure was established by a husband & wife team who take pleasure in being outdoors and love a good adventure.

 We create handmade womenswear inspired by the need to feel comfortable whilst exploring and discovering the Globe, without compromising on effortless style.

 Our collections are produced on a small scale, completely by hand, providing our clients with artisanal pieces that are truly one of a kind. We steer away from following trends and instead create garments that have longevity in terms of styling and quality. The silhouettes are cut away from the body which provides ease of movement and breathability. The inspiration for this was drawn from the functional garments of those who spend their days trekking along the desert in Northern/Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. We also incorporate prints and patterns from various cultures to highlight their beauty and heritage, so that collectively we will grow to understand each other better and appreciate our differences in order to live a more harmonious life.

Minimal Exposure aims to capture what it is that makes all of us so different yet showcase what brings us together to the fore. We are more alike than we think we are. And we express that through our clothing and product ranges.

We value that our customers recognise good quality and seek to fill their closet with garments that are well constructed and made from fabric that tells a story.

Ultimately we hope to create items that will be your most worn and most treasured pieces.