Minimal Exposure Musafir Collectio

The Musafir Collection

Introducing the name of our new collection. The collection comprises of 7 thoughtfully designed styles that include wardrobe staples such the dress; trouser, lightweight jacket; tunic; culotte; shirt and skirt. As with our previous printed collection, our pieces are inspired by the functional garments worn by those who inhabit the harsh climates of Northern Africa and the Middle East. The garments of those regions are characteristically pared down, simple and made from naturally insulating fabrics. When performing a range daily tasks, it is a necessity that the nomads' garments are utilitarian in its simplest form, allowing the wearer ease of movement and functionality in terms of their design and the fabrics they used.

All of our Musafir collection pieces will be made on order and there will be a two week lead time for creating your pieces. By taking the time and focusing on craftsmanship, we're committing to providing our customers with durable, classic garments that surpass seasons and trends. By producing the range this way, we are also committed to treating our environment better by creating less waste of materials and energy.

This range is also what we refer to as an “all-weather” collection and it is meant to be worn throughout the year. In summer, wear them on their own and in the cooler months, layer them with your favourite knits and heavier items in your wardrobe. This is one of the reasons that we’ve decided to make this range available throughout the year. The other reason is that we want to promote conscious consumption. We want you to be able to take your time when deciding which one of our pieces should take its place in your carefully curated wardrobe, without worrying that the collection will be removed from our site come fall season.

The pieces in the new range are also versatile and interchangeable. We designed and created the garments in such a manner that just 7 styles will provide you with a number of different outfits. So that you're able to do more, with less. We do this for the woman on the go, in mind. The one juggling many roles in a single day, leading an adventurous life and needing a wardrobe that is as adaptable as she is. With so much going on, she can always count on these pieces to keep her looking impeccable, from day to night, with minimal effort.